What To Wear In Early Pregnancy?

Hoping to squeeze into your favorite jeans for another week or two or three?

The "rubber band trick" is an old favorite of ours: For extra room around the waist, take a regular rubber band or hair elastic, loop it around your pant button, and then thread it through the button hole and loop back around the button. A big safety pin works too. Pull over a long sweater or blouse and no one will be the wiser. Or, grab a belly band. You can find some version at most maternity stores.

It’s essentially a tube of fabric that stretches over your belly to hold up unbuttoned bottoms or maternity jeans that are too big, support your belly as it grows, and smooth over your "outie" when it inevitably pops. As for tops, dig through your closet for pieces that give you some space. Empire waists and flowing silhouettes will conform to your expanding figure. Raid your guy’s closet too, and don’t be shy to ask for short-term loans from a one-size-bigger friend. (Pay it forward by offering up your own goods when a pal is pregnant.)

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