Who we are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs, based out of Cyprus, who have noticed throughout the years that moms to be and new moms have a real struggle finding quality products at affordable prices in Cyprus and Greece. I mean the prices! You cannot find nice clothes without paying hundreds of Euro. It seemed to us that everybody selling maternity items feel that maternity fashion is a necessity hence they spike their prices up.

Therefore back in 2017, the idea of All About Maternity was born. Having families ourselves we know your problems and needs and we are here to address them. 

With our maternity site, we want you to dress the way you feel inside. We want you to experience joy with the Bump, joy as a Mommy, joy while being yourself! We hope that you can showoff your Bump! Be big, bold & beautiful!

Our Quality

Most of the garments use soft & airy modal fabric, which is traditionally used for high-end sleepwear – so it feels like you are floating in the Dresses! Since nursing a new-born baby is such an important part of the Mommy-journey, most of the Tops and Dresses are nursing-friendly. The garments are designed to be worn throughout the pregnancy, even in the 9th month, and also post-delivery, given their ingenious designs.

Our promise

During the course of our work we will always try our best to bring to you the best of maternity fashion, as well as cute clothes for your newborn. We will always be close by for everything you may need, as excellent customer service is our top priority. 

Whether you’re a working-Mommy during the week or a wanderlust-Mommy by weekend, we will have something for every You.  

Dress to your mood, dress to your style, dress the way you want, and the way you feel!
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