7 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The Baby Shower Party is a celebration itself. New Momma is expecting and you also get to see your besties (and some complete strangers to you) as well as eat some sweets you have been craving for a while now. 

Lets face it. Baby shower is a celebration, but the built up to it its not always easy. The gift choice for the newborn or the new momma its not an easy process even though there are hundreds of thousands of products out there. 

You are researching a lot on what to buy but cant find something you like. I know the feeling, I have been there. Been invited to a dozen or so baby showers I have experienced the feeling (especially during the first few ones) of not been able to find something you like, and something that you have the feeling that the new momma will like. 

In that respect, I have created below the list of my Top 7 products that I believe (through experience) are going to be the stars of the show. I have received some excellent feedback for some of the below choices on the day, but also after the little angel was 'out' it happened for the new momma to call me just to say 'Thank You', as the gifts I am proposing below are not only cute and adorable but they are useful for the new parents as well.

The list is as follows:

1. A Fashionable Diaper Bag

A diaper bag with designated storage for Milk Bottles, Tissues, Diapers and many other momma-friendly functions is always a useful gift and something the new momma will find handy and love. Get Yours Now from our online Show for just $36 (with FREE Shipping as well)

Diaper Bag - Baby Shower Gift Ideas

2. Keep Calm and Move On - A Durable Baby Carrier

New Momma has to ran errands, but she has nowhere to leave the baby with. A baby Carrier is a 'weapon in the mommas armour since  she can fit it on in seconds and get going and she also gets to keep her baby close. This durable baby carrier available from our online store for just $29.90 lets Mum stay on the move while baby is, quite literally, close to her heart. It’s safe, simple to use and kind on a mum’s weary back. Get it Now.

 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

3. An adorable Plush Toy 

Lets face it. You, Me and Everybody around us had a stuffed animal always with us when growing up. Is there anything more rewarding than seeing the baby growing up with the stuffed toy you gifted during the baby shower? This cute sheep (just $14) will definitely will be loved by the baby, or alternative this stuffed Elephant who also can be used as a pillow for the new born ($34.99). Remember all these items have fee shipping.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

4. A Cute Baby Blanket 

If the newborn is expected during the Winter months or even autumn/spring, a cute and adorable baby blanket is an ideal gift. It will keep the baby warm at all times and its something that the parents will use on a daily basis, when at home or even on the go. Get Yours Now.


Baby Shower Ideas - Blanket

5. A Bath Thermometer

Bathing the new born can be a challenge, especially for first time parents. Gift them a cute 2 in 1 water thermometer so that they can know when the water temperature is ideal for their little angel. Can also be used as a toy by the newborn when it grows a bit older. Get Yours Now Here for just $8.99.

Baby Shower Gift IDeas - Duck

6. Some cute clothes 

Clothes are always the safe choice, but bear in mind that the new parents will get A LOT of clothes for the new born, therefore you will not differentiate here. In any case, try to take something a bit different, some-kind of cute and funny to differentiate a bit. Get the below cute and extra-soft babysuit for just $9.99. You can also choose another one and take two for less than $20 here.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Clothes

7. Baby Socks

Socks may sound boring but they are a necessity. Get a few pairs for the new born and ensure that the newborn will have warm feet throughout the day. Options in various colours and designs are available Here.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Socks


It may not be easy to choose something for the baby shower, but make sure you will buy something that will be useful to both the new momma and the baby, especially for first few months. With the above Ideas I strongly believe that you will be able to differentiate without breaking your bank. Buying something of good quality without paying crazy money is not always easy, but with the above option it definitely is.

For a full list of our baby shower gift ideas please click here🍼🍼

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