9 Ways To Look Sexy While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but you might not feel that way when your body starts to change. Feeling sexy while pregnant might seem difficult, but it’s not.

When you first learn that you’re pregnant, the happiness and joy might be quick to come. The growing belly and glow come sometime after, and in between, you’re stuck with aches, pains, and nausea.

Although pregnancy is a beautiful thing, you might not always think you look that way. Your changing body might have you feeling cautious and insecure, but you should only feel sexy while pregnant!

If you’re looking for ways to embrace your body as you welcome a new life into your world, it’s definitely possible if you follow these tips!

Choose soft fabrics


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If you’re going for a softer and romantic look while pregnant, choosing soft fabrics are definitely the way to go. Not only do they look flirty, but they’ll help you feel that way! When choosing softer fabrics, materials like silk, lace, and satin will leave you feeling beautiful and sexy while pregnant.

While these fabrics are beautiful and soft to the touch, they also have the benefit of not restricting your stomach. You might hope to still rock those daring bandage dresses, but it’s best to keep your clothes comfortable and breathable!

Don’t be afraid to show off the bump

If anything, dressing your body in larger and loose-fitting clothes can often make you appear larger than you’d like. One thing that many women dread is having to purchase a whole new wardrobe for a few short months. This isn’t always the case!

The perfect way to show off your bump is with clothes you already own. Toss those tight shirts to the side until after your pregnancy, but keep your loose-fitting and stretchy tops at the front of your closet. You’ll know the perfect fit when you see (and feel) it. Your bump will be proudly on display without feeling constricting.

Although you shouldn’t be afraid to show off your bump, make sure it’s underneath your clothes! You might want to sunbathe for a few minutes, and if you’re enjoying yourself out by the pool, it’s okay to spend some time giving your bare stomach a little bronzing. It’s not recommended to walk around with your bare stomach out, so keep that bump covered as often as possible!

Don’t sacrifice your old style


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One thing many women feel the need to do is to sacrifice their style when they become pregnant, but you don’t have to! While there might be some styles out there that some would think “inappropriate” on an expecting mother, who are they to stop you from feeling sexy while pregnant!

When you’re expecting, certain clothes and shoes might not feel comfortable after some time, but if they are comfortable for you, feel free to wear it! If you’re a fan of dresses with over the knee boots, don’t feel as if you can’t wear them!

Heels are a staple in many women’s closets, and you might still want to strut around in them while you’re pregnant. As long as you’re comfortable, strut away!

Flats are your friend


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If you’re a fan of heels and boots like me, you might find yourself hating the prospect of wearing flats. While flats can sometimes look boring, they are a better (and safer) alternative to walking around in heels. For those who want to look sexy while pregnant, they might feel as if they need their sky high heels to accomplish this, but that’s not true!

One of the main side effects of being pregnant is swollen feet and ankles. Instead of trying to force on a pair of heels or boots, flats can be comfortable and stylish! While ballet flats seem bland to me, you can always spice up the style with shoes that carry a sort of design.

Invest in maternity jeans


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While you’re pregnant, you might notice the biggest change in your body will be your waist size! While you might be able to wear your favorite tops and dresses, you’ll notice that you’ll be saying goodbye to your favorite jeans for a few months, but don’t say goodbye to jeans completely!

It might be more comfortable to spend the latter half of your term in leggings and sweatpants, but let’s face it. If you have a nice bum and shapely legs, the perfect pair of jeans will enhance them! This is why you’ll need maternity jeans if you want to keep looking sexy while pregnant.

You’ll only be pregnant for a few months, so don’t go overboard with how many you buy. Stick to the basics and choose a light denim, dark denim, black, and white pair! Keep these on rotation and you’ll be set for your term!

Keep your form fitting dresses


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Like we said earlier, don’t be afraid to show off the bump! While this might tempt you to wear your favorite tight clothes or dresses, that’s not what we mean! Form-fitting and tight are two completely different things!

As we mentioned previously, you don’t want to wear anything that will constrict your stomach. Day dresses made of soft cotton fall perfectly into the wardrobe of a woman who is looking to feel sexy while pregnant. The material will let you and your bump breathe while the fit will show off your figure.

Keep yourself pampered


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As you get further into your pregnancy, you might be tired of tossing and turning around at night trying to find a comfortable position. You might feel tired and even look tired, and this might diminish the glow you’ve grown accustomed to throughout your pregnancy.

For those women who need a boost, an amazing way return to feeling sexy while pregnant is to get pampered! Schedule a mani/pedi! Sign up for a spa treatment where you can get a much-needed massage!

While the saying might state that when you look good, you feel good, but in this case, feeling good is the first step you re-embracing that glow!

Wear lingerie


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Throughout your trimesters, you might be saying goodbye to your lingerie, but that would be a big mistake! Before you settle on a uniform of sweats and pajamas, wearing lingerie is a quick way to feel sexy while pregnant!

Similar to our first tip of wearing softer fabrics, lingerie is perfectly made for this! Most of them are made with silks, satin, and lace, so you’ll feel sexy and feminine.

When you’re pregnant and welcoming a new life into your world, you shouldn’t feel discouraged by your changing body. Of course, your body is meant to go through changes like gaining weight and inches, but this doesn’t and shouldn’t stop you from feeling sexy!

Embrace your body and the changes it’s going through and don’t let anything stop you (except safety, of course) from feeling sexy while pregnant.

In the comments below, let us know some of your tips and tricks to feeling sexy while pregnant!

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