20 Ways to raise your child's Self-Esteem

Cannot stress out the importance of confidence in today's society. For our kids is even more crucial as by being confident it can help them in their early years (pre-school / school) to make friends, learn more and go through school-life with ease.
A quick list we have prepared to help you boost your kids self esteem is as follows:
  1. Play the game –“I’m glad to be me because….” 
  2. Make a “My favorite Things” book. 
  3. Keep a growth chart.
  4. Pull out old baby clothes and discuss “How they have grown”.
  5. Hang up old baby pictures.
  6. Acknowledge it when child accomplishes a new task, no matter how small.
  7. Make hand and foot prints on paper.
  8. Let child help make a picture album of child doing his favorite things.
  9. Set out a scale for child to weigh himself.
  10. Encourage child to make a picture journal, illustrating things they enjoyed that day.
  11. Let your child make a “Me” puppet using a paper plate, yarn, marking pens and glue.
  12. Make a feelings thermometer, for child to record her daily feelings.
  13. Let child decorate their own special box to store their treasures.
  14. Roll play with puppets to help child express their feelings about themselves.
  15. Let child talk on a tape recorder to hear his own voice.
  16. Let your child help create her own special place to play.
  17. Allow your child to help you with simple household chores.
  18. Help your child learn their own phone number and address.
  19. Give your child an “Anger Pillow” to punch instead of others.
  20. Display your child’s art work or other creative masterpieces.

Source: preschoolexpress.com

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